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History of Zheng

Fleet Admiral and Diplomat, Zheng He was one of the most famous explorers in the history of China.

Born in the late 14th Century, Zheng was of Mongolian descent. His story was one of rag to riches at the early age of 11, he was captured and sent to serve the Ming Empire. He quickly became distinguished in warfare and diplomacy whilst making many influential and powerful friends within the court.

Early 15th Century, Zheng was given rank Commander in Chief to the Emperor and a mission to ‘sail to the western ocean’ to explore and exert influence beyond China.

Between 1405 to 1431, Zheng led his fleet no less than 7 voyages reaching places such as Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Persian Gulf, parts of Africa etc. Often foreign ambassadors would pay homage to the Chinese Emperor, bringing with them their rich culture in art, technology and
– above all – food!

About us

In the spirit of Zheng’s voyages, we deliver a rich, diverse and authentic dining experience to our customers. The underlying influence of our food is still unmistakably Oriental, from authentic Malaysian and Singaporean to spicy Szechuan, Cantonese stir-fries and Shanghai braises.

We hope that you will enjoy dining with us. And should you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our friendly staff.


At Zheng, we can cater for all types of parties of varying sizes. Private function room availble for table of upto 20. Call 01865 51 11 88 to book your table!

Alternatively, we also welcome orders for takeaway or home delivery. Call us now on 01865 55 88 88.